Supporting Youth Innovations, Communication Is Key

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Supporting Youth Innovations, Communication Is Key

In 2013, I was awarded Youth Innovator’s Grant by National Science and Technology Council.

The project is still ongoing sadly. Sadly because I hate delays but such is the nature of things.

I don’t believe I was awarded because am the best of the best or there is no better idea out there. I really do think its a privilege. The difference between me and others who may have innovative ideas is the level of exposure both to people who have information about how to write project proposals and where to get funding for R&D projects.

When I was in high school, I was active in JETS (Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists). There were many good projects there but I find that now that am out here in the ‘industry’, I don’t even know the JETS fare timetable. Is enough being done to communicate and publicise such events opportunities?

Innovation is key to development and we will have a challenge getting the best of the best out there if its difficult for youths to have access to this information. This is my brief thought on the matter. I hope to hear from like-minded people as I think we are generally poor at communicating such things in Zambia.