Attitude vs Skill in job candidates

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Attitude vs Skill in job candidates

As the saying goes, ‘you can teach skill but you cannot teach attitude‘. I have not been in business long enough to site 100 examples on the subject but I have worked with enough people to know that for the rest of my business career, attitude will be one of the number one considerations in hiring.

Here is what I have learned:

1. Educational qualifications say little about performance capabilities

Of course technical knowledge counts but being able to apply it is a different matter. One of my lecturers at UNZA once told us: ‘I don’t know which of you to pick for my company anymore. I have employed distinction students and C-students. Both have disappointed me’

2. Sleek talking in an interview doesn’t count

This one I can talk from experience. This guy we hired for a field sales job seemed good on paper and even more perfect in the interview. But after starting work he would always give all sorts of excuses for not delivering, he fails to update you the whole day and only brings two customer names that he managed to see? Seriously? You spent 8 hours just meeting two companies? Unluckily for him, we had done this job before and knew he was a joker.

3. Gossipers and complainers are bad for your business

You know how there is always someone who has something negative to say about their current bosses and previous bosses, workmates, workmates, family etc? If you smell this, don’t hire unless you want a negative work environment in your business. The same attitude will be displayed towards customers. What image of your company will that paint?

So anyway, I was trying to hire an assistant. I deliberately decided to make the job ad very detailed. I asked many questions that need to be answered along with the application. Hopefully through this process, I can weed out negative attitude and laziness.

I already got some negative comments like:

“this job is too hard, the application itself is long” (anyone else smell laziness here?)

“why so many requirements for such a simple job?” (negativity and no future forecasting)

“I can apply if there is a car provided” (looking at immediate and short term benefits, difficult to motivate from the beginning)

“I know such jobs, they give you K500, no transport, no lunch” (more negativity-concluding without even asking for details)

Then the classic: “here is my number please get in touch”(are you kidding me right now?)

So anyway, this ends my brief view on the topic. I hope to hire based on great attitude. Wish me luck!

How do you do it? Comments and suggestions are welcome.