8 Dos and Don’ts by Deepak Chopra

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8 Dos and Don’ts by Deepak Chopra

dos and don'tsDO

  • Make your surroundings orderly and uncluttered.
  • Take a close look at stresses that need to be addressed.
  • Keep away from negative influences.
  • Find a friend or confidante who shares you vision of clarity and fulfillment.
  • Center yourself several times a day whenever you feel distracted or unsettled.
  • Go outside to experience the calm and inspiration of Nature.
  • Follow a regular daily routine.
  • Get eight hours of good sleep every night.



  • Remain in situations that turn disordered and stressful.
  • Push your work time to the limit of exhaustion, mental or physical.
  • Be tied down by other people’s opinions and attitudes.
  • Let stress go unaddressed.
  • Let a good night’s sleep slip by more than once or twice a week.
  • Immerse yourself in bad news and the world’s chaotic unrest.
  • Ignore your body’s signals–be aware of when it wants rest, nourishment, down time, and a chance to reset itself through meditation and quiet time alone.
  • Forget to provide yourself with pure food, water, and air