Social Media Marketing

Who is your target market?

What social media are they using?

In what way can we relate their social media interaction habits to your products and services?


By understanding this information, we tailor your social media campaign to target your highest potential clients and keep in constant touch with you current customers, giving them offers, tips, information and education that is not only related to or connected to your products and services but also generally useful to them.


Our 3 main platforms are Facebook, Linkedin and Youtbe. We are open to use other social media to market your brand such as Twitter, Instangram, Google+ etc depending on client specific requests. However, we recommend these 3 for the following reasons:


-Facebook is arguably the biggest social network in the world with the exception of China

-Linkedin is the best for professionals throughout the world and maybe more suitable for certain clients of our depending on their target market

-Youtube is the best for videos but also the second most powerful search engine. It is the best platform to use when you have video clips and we highly recommend having video clips as part of your online marketing strategy. We want you to be on these social media and interact with your clients and potential clie