I Hate Gravity

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I Hate Gravity

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If there was no gravity, there would be no plane crushes which kill so many people
If there was no gravity, buildings wouldn’t collapse, killing and injuring people, destroying property
Children wouldn’t fall and hurt themselves
I wouldn’t ever stumble and hurt myself
Without gravity, that tree wouldn’t have fallen and crushed the car or the house
Without gravity, it would be so much easier to walk for a long distance without getting tired.
Do I sound normal to you here?
You probably think am crazy. Why would I hate gravity? Well are the things I have stated above untrue? Doesn’t gravity cause loss of life?
But we don’t hate gravity despite the problems it does cause. Instead, we accept it and work with it, not against it. We find a way to go around it. We don’t get annoyed with it when we fall, we get annoyed with ourselves for not being careful, for not flying the plane correctly, for not designing the plane correctly to withstand gravity. We accept it as it is. We don’t try to change it or wish it wasn’t there. We look at its advantages and work with that.
Yet this is how we react to the people’s actions. We can’t control them, yet we react angrily to their actions. We refuse to accept them as they are and wish they could change. What would happen if we just accepted other people as they are? If we looked at the good side and ask how we can work with them or around them like we do with gravity?
Would we still be so annoyed with them, irritated with them? I think not.
Maybe you are thinking but they are people, not gravity. Of course they are not gravity but like gravity, the power to change them does not lie with you. Like gravity they have both the good and the bad.
Next time you hate someone for who they are, remember that you are like me who hates gravity.
Its not an easy attitude to adopt , but when you do, it makes a huge difference in how you relate to other people and their actions. It could tremendously improve your relationships with others as it has mine.
Thanks for reading.

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