4 Ds of Keeping Your Email Inbox Clean

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4 Ds of Keeping Your Email Inbox Clean

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The key to getting things done is well, getting things done. Here are 4 ways to do it using email as an example. When you open a message in your inbox immediately do one of these things:

  1. Do it

The 3 minute rule: can I attend to this within the next 3 minutes and be finished with it? If the answer is yes, then do it. Reply.

  1. Delay it

Does the email require something that will need 30minutes of your time; are you currently trying to finish something else? Then delay it. If you use gmail, there are several tools to make this process automatic. I use an app called boomerang which is perfect for scheduling when to attend to certain emails. I just click boomerang and decide whether the email should return after 1,2,3, or 4 hours or 2,3,4 days, 1 week, a month etc. I get to attend to them when I want to or when am ready.

  1. Delegate it

Is the email a request for some business document which you know your colleague is working on or which your office manager can prepare? Immediately delegate the task and make sure he/she reports to you when Its done.

  1. Delete it

Is it one of those emails you know is not worth your time, not worth delegating or even responding to? DELETE


That’s it. Do it, Delay it, Delegate it or Delete it.

Thank you for reading. I know you are busy so am keeping all posts short. I got most of these concepts from my current read called the Success Principles by Jack Canfield. The same principles can be used to clear that list of documents waiting for your attention. Want to get in touch? Drop me an email: susan@ziconmedia.com or whatsapp 0975022655




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