Finally a Productivity System That Works

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Finally a Productivity System That Works

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I hate diaries. In my defense, I have tried to like them, use them. It has just never worked. I feel compelled to write something every day because I don’t like the blank pages. I also find sometimes the space is not enough to write everything I want on a particular day. Then there is this thing where am highly visual and love to categorise. It could be engineer syndrome or mostly just me-syndrome but I want to see a snapshoot of my weekly or even monthly activities. I tried notebooks…eeehh..

Then one of my reads led me to this idea and it totally works. How much do I love books? My productivity has really been kicked up. Plus I totally love the colours, they give off great creative energy.

My current board.

So here is how it works. One dozen slipssus

  1. 7 of them, one slip for very day of the week. I fill up all meeting appointments first. Then top 3 tasks. These are mostly work related – design client website mockup for approval, social media post planning for client X, facebook advertising campaign for client X, write contract terms proposal, write 3 draft articles, arrange photography session etc.. I try to keep it short but effective. I have ditched long to-do list. They make you feel productive but can potentially make you less effective
  2. Weekly home goals. Am a home manage, a.k.a wife so I do have home goals like get manure for the potted plant or get the handyman, a.k.a hubby J to fix that kitchen shelf, host a dinner party(I should totally do this again soon). Stuff like this. Am busy, seemingly small things like this will just slip by if I don’t plan for them. But as a home manager they are not small to me.
  3. Weekly Personal goals. I believe outward growth starts with personal growth. Your small business will grow largely to the extent that you grow as an individual. I have reading goals, fitness goals, spiritual goals, etc..
  4. Weekly goals. These are general, broken down by the daily goals list
  5. Monthly goals. I love the snapshot, enough said.
  6. Long term goals. These are actually more of mid-term goals. 6-12months type of thing
  7. Used notes.AcQyro-Checklist Every week, I compile the daily target notes, tick-off what I managed to do, transfer what hasn’t been done and then pin them together. Maybe I should start filling. I don’t know yet but I like to keep them to remind myself that I am making progress for those days when nothing seems to be moving and I feel discouraged.
  8. Blank notes. I use these for..aah..white space?

Maybe next year I will get a diary or notebook as a complement but so far this system works better and inspires me to work. Of course there may be need for other journals for meetings and detailed tasks not to mention the all-too important self-debriefing. (This is a system of writing down your thoughts and emotions as a way to wash out the poison and keep your mindset positive.) Will blog on that in future.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone will share with me their productivity tips because I have major goals to accomplish in the next 6months and could do with maximized productivity output. Drop me an email: or whatsapp 0975022655

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