The One Piece of Business Advice I Hate

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The One Piece of Business Advice I Hate

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OK, maybe not hate but really dislike.

So here is the thing; I like to read. A lot. I especially read ‘business advise’ type of articles. I like most of what I read but one exception is becoming clear.

“Find yourself a good mentor/coach.”

I don’t know how may articles give this as start-up business advise but I will give just two reasons why I dislike it:

Firstly, its not always practical.I live in Zambia, beautiful country, lots of natural resources, booming entrepreneurship. Business coaching services, business mentorship availability? Not so much. So what is a new entrepreneur to do when he/she cannot find this illusive business mentor? I don’t know the local SCORE.

Secondly, like dating, compatibility is important. Although I did not and still do not have a particular business mentor, I now know enough business people I can consult in business. What I have seen is that like dating, there may be many potential candidates and finding a good fit might require time and patience. Isn’t this time better spent building the business rather than chasing after a prospective mentor?And when you do find someone likely to fit this role, you have to ask;

How well will your temperaments match?

Your business vision?

Will the mentor actually believe in your idea and sincerely want you to success?

How much effort is it really worth?

Here is one piece of advice someone gave me that I find more practical: the perfect mentor is a nice dream to have but you don’t have to have one perfect mentor. You don’t even need to know or meet someone in person to be mentored by them. You can be mentored by someone through their life story, their works and their books. In light of this, I am here sharing some of my mentors and what I learn from each:

1. Robin Sharma and Tony Robins

I learn maximizing the performance of my most important asset-ME. Its all about business growth through personal growth.

2.Nelson Mandela

Leadership, humility, forgiveness. Need I say more?

3. Jason Fried and Eric Ries

Get things done, start early, don’t wait till you have a perfect product.

4. Timm Ferris , Sam Carpenter and Gerber

Systematizing your business such that its capable of running itself, giving you more time and freedom.

The above are extreme summaries of how each of these authors and influencers have mentored me. So if you are starting a business and manage to find your perfect mentor, good for you. If you don’t, there are plenty of authors to learn from.

I still think a personal mentor is important. However, instead of spending particular effort searching for one, I would say network with entrepreneurs when you can, every business person can teach you something. Like dating, through this socialisation, you may be able to find the one. If not, you will still have plenty of good friends to keep you company business wise.


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