A Free Marketing Tool You Are Not Using Effectively

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A Free Marketing Tool You Are Not Using Effectively

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I don’t know how many emails I receive pay day but I know they are a lot.

Email is the single most used online communication tool in Zambia. Even people who don’t use social media do use email. This means you have an opportunity to market yourself every time you send an email.

So how do you end your emails? I get really frustrated when I receive an email which ends like the one on the left, just best regards with a name. I have no idea who this person is, which department they are from etc… A good email signature like on the right should answer some of my questions immediately:

1. Who is Mwila?

2. What is his/her position in the organisation?

3. If I need an immediate answer, what phone number do I dial?

4. Mwila is a unisex name, is this a male or female person? Please add an image.

5. Does this company have a website I can immediately check out?

6. Do they have social media presence?

Well hopefully, next time you send an email, you will see it as an opportunity to say more about yourself and your organisation through this simple tool of an email signature.

Thanks for reading. I help local small and medium sized businesses market themselves online through various means. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and look out for my upcoming free ebook entitled “A complete guide to online marketing for Zambian businesses”.  Although we are a global village, there are certain specific factors that make online marketing different in Zambia/Africa than it is in the Western World.

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